Sheng Huaren

Sheng Huaren was born in 1935 in Yansheng (Jiangsu Province). He joined the Communist Party in 1954. He served as technician and deputy director of a building corporation in Nanjing. In 1965, he was appointed Deputy Office Director of the Party Committee of Chemical Fertilizer Industry Corporation under the Ministry of Chemical Industry. In 1970 he was appointed deputy head of the Long-Planning group under the Ministry of Petroleum and Chemical Industry. He was later on promoted Deputy Director, then Director of Planning of the Ministry of Chemical Industry. In 1983 he joined China Petrochemical Corp where he became Deputy General Manager, General Manager, then Chairman. A delegate at the 14th CPC National Congress, he became a member of the Central Committee at the 15th CPC National Congress. In March 1998, he was appointed Minister in charge of State Economic and Trade Commission. He retired in 2000. He was elected to the NPC Standing Committee in March 2001.

see interview Autumn 1998