Chandra Muzaffar

Chandra Muzaffar was born in 1947 in Bedong (Kedah). He is a graduate of Singapore University where he got a Ph.d in Social Sciences (1977). From 1970 to 1983, he was a professor at the University of Malaysia (in political sciences). In 1985, he became a member of the executif committee of the Asian Commission on Human Rights. In October 1987, he was arrested by the Malaysian government and released without conditions in December 1987. In 1988, he was nominated by "Human Rights Watch" as a monitor. In 1989, he was appointed to the National Economic Consultative Committee of UMNO. He resigned his position in 1990 to protest the policies of the committee. In 1992, he was appointed a member of the Malaysian Economic Research Institute (MERI). In 1999, his contract with MERI is ended. He is currently deputy President of Kealidan (National Justice Party), founded in 1998 by Wan Azizah Ismail, the wife of Anwar Ibrahim, the former Dy Prime Minister currently in jail for corruption and sodomy.

see interview Spring 1998